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Cross Country

Cross Country shipping is a type of logistic activity in which the company does not keep products in stock, but passes its customer orders and shipment details to its supplier, who in return dispatches the goods to the customer directly.

Cross Country Shipment are increasingly utilized as globalization expands and the pressure on supply chain costs and lead time increases. Cross Country shipping is an excellent tool for companies to reduce their inventory, shorten their lead time and cut in overall transportation costs. It, however, is commercially vulnerable for companies trying to protect information from reaching their customers or suppliers. Furthermore the product quality is an issue at stake as companies do not see their product before arrival to their customers. Currently Cross Country Shipment are poorly managed due to the lack of control, unfamiliarity with the required process, the time difference and network limitations.

JIT International has developed a unique process to effectively and efficiently manage Cross Country Shipment, with the focus on:

  • Product quality through inspection.
  • Distinctive service level agreements to insure protection of commercial information
  • Micromanagement of transportation process to insure on time delivery


  • Unique solution for growing business trend
  • Full visibility in the supply chain
  • Reduced total transportation cost, lead times and improved quality
  • Quality and Reliable freight services from the logistics market leaders
  • Releasing dependency from supplier to a reliable and neutral party
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reliable and commercial minded process
  • Carefully monitored processes to insure protection of commercial information and product quality

Deep thought process has gone into designing the Cross Country SOP’s enabling the highest level of customer service visibility and interactivity

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