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Supply Chain Solutions | Cross Docking

In order to support our customers with a flexible and agile supply chain JIT International provides cross docking services. Due to our Global footprint and offices in all Global gateways we are able to provide solutions to a multitude of customers.
The Global cross dock solutions exist out of:

  • Reliable and cost effective freight solutions (air, ocean, sea/air)
  • Fast, safe/secure and cost effective local handling
  • Breaking down pallets/ULD’s & containers
  • Visual check, staging and counting
  • Labelling (if needed)
  • Custom clearance
  • Transport planning
  • Send out customer notices
  • Loading
  • Delivery to (final) customer under trading term DDU or DDP Advantages of our cross-docking services
  • Reduces handling costs, operating costs, and the storage of inventory
  • Products get to the distributor/branch office and consequently to the customer quicker
  • Cuts down or virtually eliminates warehousing costs
  • Helps to increase available sales space
  • Stock comes into the cross-docking canter already pre-allocated to replenish an order placed by a retailer
  • Retailers have the ability to streamline the supply chain from point of origin to point of sale through cross docking
  • Operating costs and inventory levels are reduced and perspective sale space is increased
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