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Supply Chain Solutions | Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is an important issue because it influences your company’s reputation in the market. Companies want to maximize their product expertise and equipment usage, while minimizing inventories and freight costs. We offer reverse logistics services that allow OEMs to increase customer satisfaction by providing a complete view of their supply chains, including goods in the return loop.

Repair and service is essential in a company’s supply chain. The JIT International one stop-shopping concept provides optimized and smooth solutions for service and repair of various IT related products:

Product groups supported by repair service:

  • Monitors
  • LCD/Flatpanels
  • Notebooks
  • Storage products
  • Printers
  • Motherboards
  • Medical kits

International laws are forcing manufacturers to make sure that products that have reached ‘end of life’ are disposed properly. Take-back laws are developing throughout the Globe for e.g.: Computers, audio equipment, CRT’s, copiers, faxes, batteries, automobiles, freezers, refrigerators and washing machines.

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