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Key Performance Indicators

Besides the process approach, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been adopted as an effective tool in both motivating the involvement of all our employees in performance and quality improvements as well as providing our clients with a transparent and unambiguous measure of our performance on an ongoing basis. Structural improvements can only be accomplished through the use of the knowledge and intelligence of each JIT person within the organization.

With the availability of KPI’s, JIT International is in a position to generate “Customer Feedback Reports”.

Examples of requested Customer Feedback Reports which will regularly be providing are :

  • Inventory Report
  • Activity Report (Receipt and ship report).
  • TAT Report
  • Performance Reports
  • Order processing
  • On-Time Customer Deliveries

All reports are shared with the dedicated JIT International customer logistic team in order to implement root cause analysis and Improvement plans when and where required.

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